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Clean City is a social enterprise working to educate locals on how to segregate waste, build a waste management facility, and implement the first trash collection program of its kind in Chitwan, Nepal.



the people



Taylor initially came to Nepal for a

3-month contracted job with plans to travel to India and move to South America. Nearly three years later, she hasn’t traveled to India or South America and founded Clean City to empower locals through social enterprise and create a sustainable waste management model in Chitwan, Nepal. She believes we are all inextricably connected in the web of life. Every individual has the power to make conscious decisions creating ripples, which will lead to a more sustainable world for future generations. Never underestimate our potential to be agents of positive change. Now is the time to act, inspire and empower others to do the same. 




A Chitwan native and mother to an adorable 2.5-yo boy, Sushila Dharamala is nothing short of extraordinary. Having completed a B.S. in Business Administration and lived abroad for five years in Cyprus, her interpersonal skills, educational background and zest for life are value added to Clean City Cooperative. Unlike the vast majority of girls in Nepal, Sushila had the opportunity to complete her education. However, 50% of Nepalese are unemployed, 75% of which are women. Despite her education, Sushila had been unemployed for two years and had no means of supporting herself and her son until joining our team in May, 2018. Sushila is passionate about protecting the environment and empowering women.



Born and raised in Sauraha, Maila has witnessed his once-quaint hometown become a prime example of how unsustainable growth and tourism can result in environmental degradation and disastrous health hazards. In 2017, Maila saw an opportunity to take action and founded Clean Earth, an organization dedicated to helping the local community and the environment by organizing clean-ups and educating the youth about the hazardous effects of burning trash. In partnership with Jhuwani Environmental Protection Programme, Maila regularly hosts programs in villages and schools to raise awareness about the challenges surrounding waste management. Maila is a passionate musician and uses his creative talents to inspire kids through music, drama and art.

Organic Farmer, Beekeeper + Organic Waste Engineer


As the son of a career beekeeper, Ishwori has spent most of his life cultivating wild plants he picked from the jungle and harvesting a wide variety of tasty honeys from these native flower species. Today his honey shop sells more than 20 different types of honey, among other farm and products and handicrafts made by his wife.

He possesses a wealth of knowledge in permaculture, vermicomposting, beekeeping, honey harvesting, vegetable and mushroom farming, aquaculture, and waste material recycling or upcycling. Using effective microorganisms and worms, Ishwori is teaching us to be experts at composting, and effectively providing Sauraha with a viable solution to rotting food, which would otherwise be sent to landfill in the Community National Forest.




Clean City is located in Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal. As the gateway into Chitwan National Park, the oldest national park in Nepal and a Unesco World Heritage Site, Sauraha has experienced a sudden boom in tourism and urban development in recent years. With nearly 120 established hotels and hundreds of small shops, restaurants and businesses, Sauraha is facing many challenges due to a lack of investment in organized waste infrastructure.


Clean City chose Sauraha as the model for their waste management solution because of the glaring local contrast between the gorgeous landscape and wildlife and the lack of waste management. In places such as this, that remind us how beautiful our earth is, people must be inspired to act as agents of change.