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Clean City Update

february 5, 2020

We’re forging ahead with Collaboration 2020 to promote our goals of women’s empowerment, economic viability, and environmental health for the people of Nepal through mutually beneficial business relationships. In doing so, we’re carrying our vision further, and to more people than ever before.


One of our new partners is SmartPaani, whose work in rainwater harvesting and water filtration technology addresses the safety and sustainability of the water issues that the majority of people face in Nepal. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Clean City was able to raise funds to match those of SmartPaani to install water filters in five communities without access to safe drinking water. Furthermore, WASH training and maintenance responsibilities will be given to local women through Kalpavriksha, which works to empower women through entrepreneurship and employment. We’re proud to be an implementing partner in this project, which will provide not only safe drinking water for the members of the communities in which they’re installed, but also viable sources of income for the women charged with their upkeep.


Our collaborative work with Let’s Clean Up Nepal is also underway to bring waste management solutions to the Annapurna Conservation Area, which is the most visited trekking destination in Nepal. Together, we trekked for five days to meet with local stakeholders in mountain communities along the trekking route to collect data and listen to the concerns and challenges of current waste management practices in these remote areas. The high altitudes, hazardous transportation routes, and lack of awareness from locals and tourists alike were discussed with members of the Hotel Management Committees, women’s groups, Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), and law enforcement. Though the obstacles are many and glaring, the enthusiasm of these stakeholders to face them was inspiring, and we look forward to being a part of the drive for positive change.


The opportunities for positive impact are continuing to reveal themselves through teaming with concurring agents of change, and as our work expands, so too does our passion and drive for meeting the metrics of its success. We know that our progress wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement and support of donors, and want to thank you for being a part of our journey.

Warmest Regards,


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