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Clean City Update

May 15, 2020

The spread of Covid-19 has resulted in huge economic impacts and devastating food shortages across the country as thousands of people have suddenly returned to their villages from abroad where they were working. 30% of Nepal’s economy comes from remittances or money sent from family members overseas. The current global crisis and influx of Nepalis has created a tremendous imbalance in the number of people consuming and the amount of food produced to support local communities. This is the second week of the nationwide government lockdown and some communities have already run out of food and provisions.


Our waste collection, school education, and community awareness programs have stopped for the time being due to government restrictions during lockdown. However, we are grateful to have the resources to cover the salaries for all our employees until we can resume our work.


In the meantime, we have been working with local NGOs to provide the most affected groups with access to food and basic medical supplies, as needed. Thanks to the overwhelming support and compassion from Clean City's community, we were able to offer immediate relief and support to the following initiatives in the past three months:

  • $1000 to BlinkNow for food provisions to families in Surkhet Valley 

  • $1000 to Timro to distribute medical packages, in collaboration with local maternity care partners that identify homeless pregnant teens and new mothers, who are in desperate need of medical supplies and basic maternity materials

  • 750 reusable masks distributed to migrant workers in Kathmandu, while ensuring disadvantaged women had a viable income and work during lockdown

  • Provided lockdown lunches to migrant workers, many of whom are trapped in the city without food, water, shelter 


The past three months have not been easy, and although the future is uncertain, Clean City is committed to supporting initiatives and individuals that are providing direct relief on the ground. We will continue to share updates with you.


If you are interested in helping our Covid-19 efforts, you can click Donate on our website here. Again, we thank you for your continued support, without which, none of this would be possible.


Thank you again and stay safe!


Warmest Regards,


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