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Are you interested in giving back to the community while traveling in Nepal? Do you have a set of specialized skills to contribute to Clean City’s work? Send us a message below if you are curious about how to get involved in our upcoming clean-ups, workshops and school programs.


Clean City’s scope encompasses a wide range of interests and we are currently looking for long-term volunteers and interns to help in the following areas:

Environmental (in the field): Waste Management, Permaculture,

Zero Waste, Landfill Redesign

Fundraising/Social Impact Investment

Sustainable Business Start-Up and Development

Video Maker and Editor

Graphic Design

Data Analysis

Women’s – Teaching/Admin Education

Exchange for Change Program/Grant Research

Women’s business Development – Program development

Events Planner & Organizer

Media/Social Media/Promotion

Advertising & Marketing



Clean City 

Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal

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