Clean city update

October 30, 2019


On October 25th and 26th, Clean City partnered with SoFarSounds Kathmandu and Doko Recyclers to create a waste conscious music festival, “Seashells on the Mountains.” The two day event at Hotel Vajra in Kathmandu, Nepal, included local and international musicians, resident artists, and a bazaar featuring sustainable and ethically made products. Attendees of the event were asked to use on-site waste separation stations provided by Doko Recyclers, which drastically reduced the amount of waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill. We were also able to facilitate the replacement of single use cups, cutlery, bowls, and plates, with either reusable or biodegradable options.


It was an honor to be able to share our vision of waste consciousness and sustainability in this context with the like-minded organizations and individuals that made this event possible. Through connecting across economic sectors for synergetic solutions, we are once again reminded of the power and importance of collaboration in our work towards a cleaner Nepal.


We want to thank you for your support in helping us bring these solutions to life in the many arenas in which they’re needed. We will continue working to explore the ways in which we can promote a more conscious way of life, and fight against climate change.


Warmest regards,


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